About counterpoise

Updated April 9, 2015

Since the 1950s, I have had a connection with aboriginal people.  In fact, for decades I was closely associated with the aboriginal "cause," and worked in native organizations in different parts of Canada.  I highly respect many aspects of the indigenous way of life, including the visual arts, music, literature and dance.  But when it comes to the politics and the rule of law, I have concerns, which I will share on this blog.  In addition, I will be expressing my views on a wide variety of topics, mostly relating to Canada.

Why counterpoise?  One of the definitions of the verb "counterpoise" is "to act against with equal power, to balance" (Wiktionary, December 27, 2010).  I feel the pendulum has swung too far in one direction, and I want to help bring it back to a more moderate position.

My blog has absolutely no connection to the U.S.-based alternative review journal called Counterpoise.